Anonymous 01/24/2023 (Tue) 18:05 No.18634 del
The artsy fartsy Ken orbiters are the funniest guys on the site. Every single one of them insists they're not an orbiter, they always say she's wrong about some obscure topic no one here cares about just so they can try to do their own spin on a philosophy lecture no one wants to read except themselves, they accuse her of the same pretentions and self indulgence they perform here like little monkeys. They all insist they have no interest in her but they all regularly post here and love to psychoanalyze her at any given opportunity, they view her as beneath them because she just totally doesn't get whatever philosopher of the week is popular on twitter like THEY do, and if she really understood it she wouldn't talk about it ever, because talking about philosophy is for people who don't "get" it, unlike the bright minds here at /agatha2/. Too good. Never change, you guys.