Anonymous 01/24/2023 (Tue) 22:20 No.18641 del
does ken have the most diverse group of followers on the board? you got:

- the ones who worship the entire package: the autism, the pseudery, the mousy looks. the trve kenheads who, in their relentless obsession, unearth deleted accounts, local news reports and old family photos
- the ones who think she's cute (or even hot) but hate her "commie bullshit" politics or what they perceive as vapid poseur hobbies, all of which was broadcasted online not out of genuine interest but merely for attention-maxxing (this very loud contingent is mainly made up of third-worlders, porn lobbyists and assorted "redpill" guys with race fixations)
- similarly, the ones who think she's a smart cool hipster dreamgirl who looks like a retarded child
- the ones who used to think she was a cute smart cool hipster dreamgirl but had their lives shattered and hearts broken when they found out that ken 1) was not a virgin shut-in anymore and 2) has had numerous boyfriends
- the ones who are "interested" but for some reason barge in at every opportunity to remind people how painfully (below) average she is in both looks and personality, that she is in fact nothing special at all, and that if the rest of us fucking losers would just bother to raise our eyes from the screen for one moment and go outside and touch grass we'd see that higher-caliber kens are all around us
- the ones who detest basically everything about her and look her up on obscure imageboards to tell everyone how awful she is (leaks, lies and gossip abound)
- the ones who claim a personal connection and sometimes show up to either defend her against e-slander (if not attempting to shut things down completely) or reminisce about old times
- the ones who just wanna stick their benises into her bagina