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She might have a rape fetish, an anal fixation, abandon people on a whim, lead on and whore around with multiple, multiple guys throughout the years especially after starting college, but what I'm equally fascinated as I'm repulsed about is her choice of sexual partners and not because they've all been borderline/full blown incels, but for a very specific reason: most, save for a couple of the guys she's fucked, have all been younger than her.
>spic she e-dated
>current borderline teenager she took advantage of
>hapa from Colorado
>guy from her state she met through telegram and got drunk on vodka at her place

Plus a bunch other hookups from dating apps and 4chan and social media scattered throughout the years. She's starting her mid 20s and fucks kids. This isn't normal at all. As Gunnery Sargeant Hartman would say, what the hell is her major malfunction?

Asking seriously here