Anonymous 03/24/2024 (Sun) 06:16 No.58084 del
My name is Eric Montgomery Sabol. You know who I am, and I will not divulge any more since it is not needed, and my presence here comes as a final form of humiliation and defeat in which the only solace I can find is the hope that this will eventually reach you.

As I write this, my heart is heavy with the weight of disappointment and I cannot help but reflect on the journey we have shared. I opened up my heart to you, hoping to find solace and understanding, only to discover a truth that shattered my illusions. But illusions are made to shatter, for better or worse. And when they do, only reality remains.

There is something that never shattered, though. It is the promise I made you, long ago, in which I swore to protect you with my life should any pain come your way that I could prevent and which I fulfilled to the best of my ability.

In light of this, I will say that nothing of which you ever shared with me was ever revealed and I protected the sanctity of your intimacy and trust as long as I lived, and it will have remained that way when you see this mesage. What I attach to this post is what I was met with when I reached out in need of your word out of desperation and pain, and the mocking cruelty with which I was met. Which makes me certain that this cannot possibly be what you have chosen to be with, and what you have chosen to give yourself to, and which you had lied to me about. But I have come to realize, both from yourself and elsewhere, what you have wilfully chosen, and have been choosing throughout the years; even as I found out you, once again, had consciously deceived me for your own gain without fear of repercussion but, more likely than not, out of not seeing me as somebody worthy of your respect. Whether what you told me was a facade you meticulously crafted over the years or worse, a regression to past mistakes, the end result remains the same. Were your experiences and "lessons" that you learned from the experience with Michael for nothing? Were the many painful nights in which you told me about the hardships and eventual growth which made you "know better now" after your experiences with David futile? Were the other people in your life with which you have gone through the same painful experiences served as nothing but an anecdote?

Ironic, is it not? How you, who with each of these and many other experiences, said how much you had learned and how much a better person you had become after powering through the pain. How you, who professed growth and enlightenment, made the same mistakes over and over again but with different people, as you are doing now. How you, whom I swore with my life to you to keep away any pain that could come to you to the best of my abilites, were the one who ended up hurting me the most. But the countless hours we spent in each other's company, the shared laughter and tears; those memories are mine to keep, untainted by your deception. It is indeed ironic that, the better you claimed to have become, the worse your actions were and the worse the person you became. And in spite of it all, my faith in you was unmoving, and my love for you unwavering. You were always and will always remain my Angel.