Anonymous 03/24/2024 (Sun) 08:07 No.58099 del
Jesus motherfucking Christ, is this the guy Audrey is with now? Not you anon, I mean the guy who's responding to you. Because if it is then I see what the previous posts calling Audrey a groomer ped* whore are all about. This faggot sounds exactly like a zoomer whose only exposure to the real world has been stonetoss and chud vs soyjak internet memes, no way that guy is a day over 20.
Listen man, whatever your intentions are with these posts, she's not worth it if this is the kind of person she's willing to be with: younger, stupider, versions of people who have already pumped and dumped her, who can't string a single sentence without resorting to memes and epic le funny stickers to show they've owned you.
And as for her, just think what kind of person she is that she'd rather get pumped and dumped by these literal incel disgenic fucks that still think she's a whore even when she gives her pussy away for free as easily as she has.