Anonymous 03/26/2024 (Tue) 19:03 No.58603 del
>college grad in aerospace engineering
>resorts to groom barely out of high school zoomers who larp as edgy rugged suvivalists
>has them move in with her because she's rich as fuck and can afford to house these guys rent free
>leads men on at all times
>fucks some of these men at her own house in her own bed
>gets called out here by exes and other people she's hurt
>gets publically called out by a guy she looked up to which she led on on her telegram gc
>tries to shame the ex who exposed how fucked in the head she is by bragging about having fucked him in the ass
>this backfires as this not only confirmed what he had exposed her for but actually results in another wave of leaks in which it's revealed she has a rape and piss fetish, family is as fucked up as her, cheats regularly, and licked her ex's asshole
>guy who apparently still held her in high regard despite admitting how much he had been lied to offs himself because of her

Is she, dare I say, the most tragic and messed up of all the e-girls?