Anonymous 03/27/2024 (Wed) 06:05 No.58671 del
The one with the most surprising twist for sure. At least girls like Ciara or Oxy were unrepentant whores from day 1 and never tried to appear to be otherwise, girls like Marky got their big break literally by showing her tits followed by a bunch of dumb shit. But Audrey is a curious case, as far back as I remember she eas one of the most well liked girls because of her apparent genuine kindness and cute demeanor as shown in her videos and vocaroos and nothing too bad had surfaced about her yet, you could see this in her very first thread until midway through it. But shit hit the fan after her ex came forward and ever since then it's only gotten worse and worse to the point she's now a serious contender for biggest gross whore of them all.