Anonymous 03/29/2024 (Fri) 06:00 No.59060 del
I literally can't imagine her sinking any lower than where she is right now. Imagine being a graduate in aerospace engineering and relying on fucking incel group chats and /soc/ to find someone naive and dumb enough to play out your mommy issues-borne degenerate fetishes with, then allowing said person control over your social media and phone like an abused victim to their abuser except the abuser in this case is literally younger than you and you're still banging and leading other dudes on left and right, and while all this is happening everybody's called you out, you destroy a community single handedly because ouf your whorishness, refuse to take accountability for hurting and abusing people, the guy you were accusing of lying after exposing you was actually telling the truth and you were the bigger liar all along, a guy kills himself over you, and you're out there being and doing everything that would make mommy glad she isn't around anymore to see what you've turned into.