Anonymous 03/29/2024 (Fri) 17:14 No.59246 del
>It takes having zero self respect to not feel like a cuck being where literal dozens other men pump and dump her at her behest. How do people like that cope?
Let’s say you're only in your early 20s and already in double digits or getting there. Then let me tell you that youre considered as DAMAGED GOODS. This means you just don’t value yourself at all and you have been sharing your body cheaply with just anyone, probably sleeping with all the men you matched with on tinder, 4chan, telegram, you name it. We as men are NOT gonna think “Wow she is experienced”, we ARE gonna think: What STDs are you carrying?, Are you that cheap, Are you likely gonna cheat on us?, and how much baggage are you carrying? We would not even feel safe having sex with that type of women.

Now think about the sort of men that consciously look at this and says "it's all good, it's free sex and accomodation after all and we'll see what comes of that." Well, only low quality unattractive men (not just physically) with few choices are fine with this kind of women, since sex is hard to get and thus it's settling. Typically men she goes for, incels, people she thinks she can fix, desperate naive men who are younger and thus ignorant of her history and baggage, vulnerable people she can manipulate with sex, since it's all she's known in her adult life despite how much she regrets it later. So, she is settling too, and she's been called out for it to her face which has made her freak out.