vamp 04/03/2024 (Wed) 19:43 No.61649 del
Thank you very much!!^^
Thanks! But I dont really prefer this picture compared to my other ones cuz I am not even wearing concelear which makes the bangs under my eyes more apparent and take the whole spot-light.
Since when has /agatha2/ become this positive?! I cannot believe my eyes I wasnt expecting people to call me pretty, thank u sm 😼😼
Omghggm i love you so much, you're very sweet it's unreal. The girls in the chans can either be the nicest angelic girls that you can ever find but at the other hand they can turn out very diabolic. The chans are the land of contradictions!
Anyways im going to thank u again because you give me very good and light vibes^^ keep being positive and nicepilled frennn
I usually do since my lips are pretty dry and colourless but I took these pics out of nowhere without getting ready and usually i dont wear makeup unless Im taking photos or going outside for specific events
Thank you, but i like myself with makeup more because it makes me look more colourful :DD
Tysm ^^ anddd yep, I genuinely adore the coquettish aesthetic, and it's been a long-standing obsession of mine. However, finding affordable clothes that embody that aesthetic in my country is quite challenging, and I'm not fond of online shopping. Additionally, I'm keen on reducing my contribution to fast fashion and minimizing my consumption of unnecessary items like clothing. However I'll still buy a few clothes this summer but I'll try to search deep into thrift stores since you can find there decent stuff for cheap and its a two sided win bcs you aren't supporting multi-millionaire fashion brands that probably exploit children.
Also, what do you visualise as coquette since that subculture has taken many turns. Do you mean americana or some other subgenre of it? Considering that tiktok has destroyed many subculture by making them even more consumerist and profiting out of them.