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Never once have I blamed my mother directly. She's a wonderful woman and actually tried to limit my internet usage as much as possible.


That doesn't change the fact that I was not permitted to leave the house if she wasn't home. I was only allowed to hang out with my NEXT DOOR neighbor when she was home. I I only started sneaking out in later years but when it started I was obedient and wouldn't dare ask to visit a friend if she wasn't going to be home. When I mean I couldn't leave I mean that I was not allowed to even be in the driveway if she wasn't home. But we were obviously not well off enough to afford a nanny or anything such. This pinholed me into craving interaction and attention from online. Not to mention school wasn't welcoming either.

I do not blame anyone but myself for turning to the internet and turning out the way I have but circumstances where still present that lead to the resulting situation. Hope this helps

She was paranoid to a certain extent and I inherited that paranoia the more intense her monitoring became. By the time 7th grade came around I was convinced she'd visit my school and watch me through the cameras (which is obviously ridiculous but by this point I felt like I was in a prison of 24/7 surveillance. Strict parenting doesn't raise obedient kids it raises sneaky kids)