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Third time I think she is hoping to drown for good
>Dramatic video shows unconscious US synchronised swimmer Anita Alvarez being dragged out of Budapest pool by her coach after fainting in water - as footage emerges of her being pulled to safety in a similar incident last year
>>Fuentes later revealed Alvarez stopped breathing for 'at least two minutes' during the ordeal following her performance in the women's solo free event.
>>'I tried to wake her up. Well, I slapped her and opened her jaw. But the truth is that until after we got to the emergency room, she did not breathe for at least two minutes,' Fuentes said during a Spanish-language interview last night.
>>The US coach, who was critical of lifeguards after the near-tragedy, had said last night a decision on whether Alvarez would swim in the free team finals tomorrow would be taken on medical advice. But today the 39-year-old mum-of-one said Alvarez was determined not to abandon the World Championships.