NEET 01/24/2023 (Tue) 08:35 No.662868 del
>like 3rd world places with the garbage and damage to buildings
Fuck me dead mate, I know that! I used to live in places like that. I've seen boongs tear up the floorboards of their government houses for firewood. Bottles and cans were scattered everywhere, boongs would pelt the stray dogs with them. The boongs and islanders would fight each other with sling shots. People got fucked up with star pickets, cane knives and shit. Full on medieval. A boong down the road broke his girlfriends legs with a hammer so she could claim disability. I know full well what boong towns are like. I have never known anyone I trust to have actually claimed to have seen refrigerated metho however. Boongs got fucked up on it but once you're at that point, I don't think you care about it being refrigerated.