Anonymous 06/15/2024 (Sat) 21:36 No.52092 del
No way, I prefer nature and using older tech. It works better, it often lasts longer and easier to maintain/repair.

On the other hand, if idiots wish to fry their retinas and brains with wifi microwave radiation-blasting VR screens attached to their faces, let them. They're the ones more likely to die or have extremely debilitating cancers at a much younger age.

AI? That's all crap too. It's totally compromised by the CIA, NSA and all the other big govt alphabet gangs, would not trust it further than I could throw it. AI is going to be used to brainwash and surveillance you more than it could ever empower you.

>sick and decaying world

Yah, it's the governments that made it this way in the first place, not average people who just wish to live their own lives comfortably and in peace. Never forget that.