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Let's talk about Ukraine. Despite what is going on over there, which is sad and devastating to that country, around a million Russians and Ukrainians have died over that senseless war. This war could have, and should have been, prevented in the first place through simple diplomacy. It still can be, only our political leaders choose not to negotiate with Russia, nor will Ukraine's leaders. The Western strategy seems to be "to the last Ukrainian" and the Russians don't seem to care if it continues and more lives are lost. This whole war really could be stopped if we just had some real diplomacy and cease-fire negotiations but NO ONE is calling for it. I said since Day 1 this was a stupid idea, that things will only get worse if this war were to escalate. I was right, and now our state-run media is starting to call for a draft because Ukraine can't win without Western intervention. I just want to say FUCK THAT, no way, not me, not my family! What the hell is so important over there anyway, what does Ukraine have to do with America's interests here at home!? Take a look at their current government for example: the government of Ukraine canceled their own fucking elections and are now under dictatorial rule, it's not a "democracy" which is the biggest joke of a lie I've heard so far. Their economy has basically collapsed, we do not need them in NATO (NATO already surrounds most of Russia without Ukraine!) Several border oblast regions actually held a referendum and voted to become part of Russia anyway. This whole war is pointless, and to hell with our corrupt war-mongering political "leaders" who wish to send us to die in some meat grinder.

Any anons have other opinions or thoughts on this?