Anonymous 11/15/2021 (Mon) 19:10:45 No.28043 del
In the Russian-speaking part of the Internet, I remember an example of how, for example, Polina Mayer in 2009-2010 began by posting her naked photos on the Internet

Because of this, she was initially labeled a "whore". Then they began to harass her. Due to the fact that she hung out in dubious companies with street hooligans and drug addicts, she was once raped and from that moment she became a whore for good. She became depressed. She began trying to numb her depression with alcohol and drugs. Because of drugs, her beauty has suffered greatly and now in her 20+ years she looks already at 30-35

Another disadvantage of a porn career or just working for an online fan is that if you ever have children, you will seriously complicate their life. The Internet forgets nothing. Rude children, stupid children, or black children will tease your child with the words "I saw your mom sucking dick on the Internet", and your child will have nothing to say to that. He may be teased at school, or he will be subject to ridicule.

In general, if a bonby is busy trying to make big money from her naked photos on the Internet, then it is unlikely that she will succeed. And even if something happens, she will lose more than she will gain. Years later, she will greatly regret starting to do this. It is worth looking at Sasha Gray's face now in 2021, and you can see the frequent grimaces of annoyance on her face from the fact that she regrets that she went into the porn business.

In the case of a bonbie, it's better to make money by playing boring games like overwatch on twitch. It's better than trying to make money off your naked photos.

Hardly anyone other than me told Bonby about this. I said this because for some reason I don't want Bonby to suffer in the future. If there are those here who have contacts with her, then please convey to her the meaning of this text.