Anonymous 11/16/2021 (Tue) 15:33:56 No.28048 del
Although no ..

This might be a bad idea. In society, many believe that a moral girl should be a woman of a moral man. And if she shows her naked body parts, then they react negatively to it. I remember how toxic bonbie fans reacted when she cosplayed Bella Dolphin. Most bonbie fans didn't want bonbie to start showing naked body parts too, so bonbie fans were negative about her Bella cosplay. This means that it is very likely that if a bonby starts to take even such quite decent photos where he covers his chest with his hand, then they may seriously think that she is going to show her naked body parts in the future and react even more negatively to this.

It seems to me that a "label" (or a partial public "curse") lies on the bonby, in which people around her will react much worse to any evil or indecent actions that she may ever do than if the same actions were done by someone else. I remember how everyone reacted negatively when she tore the giraffe with her bite. I also had this label for a while.