Overrule RulerGod* 03/26/2023 (Sun) 06:16 No.1573 del

We can change anything from our rules and laws. They are not immutable, but they are intended to be as eternal/everlasting as possible. We try to not change them very often as it could be confusing.
We are above/beyond the rules, we overrule them, we are not slaves of our own rules. The rules, laws and other regulations are in place to help (as annoying/limiting that them can be) to achieve our positive goals of universal peace and prosperity.

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*More names: ControlOfAll TheoryGod LogicalGod SystemGod ProgrammingGod PlanningGod NewGod ExpandGod AscendGod CareGod JusticeGod PositiveGod WiseGod MaintainGod WisdomGod MemoryGod HarmonyGod CommunityGod FutureGod BeyondGod GodOfAll GoodGod


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