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I hear that a lot, but on PS4 the loading times are ridiculous, combined with having to double fast travel every time you go from one lamp to another you're forced to go through the hunter's dream for no reason. then you add in the 30FPS (at best) and the fact that you have to farm low level enemies over and over to have enough heals to get another few attempts at the boss (at least in early game due to the blood echo cost of vials) and the game was a time wasting, boring, trivial experience.

I'm gonna wait on BB to hopefully come to PC, if it doesn't in a year or so I'll just play it and 100% it anyway like the others but I'd really like better fps, fast travel mod, and maaaaybe a blood vial replenish mod (but I'd be more okay with the farming if the FPS and loading screens aren't a problem anymore)

tl;dr ps4 slim HDD experience was not great and I'm in no rush to play it since there's still a chance it comes to PC i think

I've now beaten Malenia 75 times