Nezi 05/14/2022 (Sat) 10:44:42 Id: febaf9 No.223081 del
fast travel mod not even that necessary with my gaming rig as the loading screens won't be long but having to fast travel twice for no reason is still annoying

>die to boss in early game multiple times
>run out of blood vials
>you have zero blood echos to buy vials

yeah I mean if you stockpiled early or didn't die a lot, sure, but I was new to the combat system and still learning bosses so I died to the second one a few times in a row and ran out, hadn't bought enough vials yet in early game as they're pretty expensive. saying "just buy them" is meaningless for early game because there is a real cost at 360 a vial. if I use 10 blood vials in a single boss attempt, that's 3,600 blood echos. use all 20? that's 7,200. the enemies in front of that boss? 141 blood echoes a piece. so IF you ran out like I did, that means you're killing TWENTY-FIVE enemies on average for a SINGLE ten-vial attempt at the boss.

sorry but killing 25 enemies for one attempt at a boss is boring.

>hurr durr just don't get in that situation
it already happened, some aspects of the game are trial and error so it's impossible to run in blind and never die

I'm fine with dying a million times in a row but forcing me to grind to have the privilege to play the main story is boring. not difficult, boring.