Nezi 05/14/2022 (Sat) 11:04:14 Id: febaf9 No.223086 del
Yeah and that's fine, but at the time I didn't realize that. The argument you're making is fair and logical and applies to before you get in the situation, but once you're in the situation you're out of options. It's either farm a ton or start over knowing how to not fuck up next time. I'm glad you decided to pump your inventory of blood vials instead of leveling but I didn't and so the game punished me with boredom. I really, really don't see the defense for any aspect of these games that make them more 'difficult' only by wasting the player's time. Just like how long boss runbacks aren't difficult either, they're fucking boring. I can parry Lothric/Lorian like a chad and I'm sure I can do a no-hit with a little more practice, but my first few times learning the fight I was bored of sitting on an elevator, running up stairs, past a bunch of enemies, etc.
Seriously, what's the defense for a boredom mechanic? Am I supposed to jerk Miyazaki off for making the game boring because having me run across Anor Londo to get to Ornstein is somehow 'harder' just because it wastes time?

Your argument for how to deal with the mechanic and whatnot is fair and I agree with you, but the existence of the 'boredom' as a punishment is snoozeville.