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>Sekiro had long travels to get to bosses
show me

Boss 1: Planned loss fight
Boss 2: 3 grapples, takes like 10 seconds to get there (oniwa)
Boss 3: Lady Butterfly, idol right in front of the boss room with one inept guard there to give you your extra resurrect back
Boss 4: Genichiro, run past an enemy out the window, grapple to roof. fight.
Boss 5: Folding Screen monkeys. Do I even have to? it's a puzzle and you can get there immediately.
Boss 6: Guardian Ape, jump down into his arena from the idol immediately.
Boss 7: Corrupted Monk, run past O'Rin's arena, across the bridge, grapple and hug left side past enemies (if you skip her you can argue there's a small run) (small argument for a tiny runback here)
Boss 8: Emma/Isshin Ashina, same as Genichiro, right out the window grapple up and talk to Father, begin.
Boss 9: Great Shinobi Owl, same as above.
Boss 10: True Corrupted Monk, Idol's right in front of the arena.
Boss 11: Divine Dragon, another idol near the arena teleport, 7 second run.
Boss 12: Owl Father, same as Lady Butterfly.
Boss 13: Demon of Hatred, idol's literally in the arena

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