Bernd 08/01/2022 (Mon) 14:33:14 No.48429 del
I don't think anybody is there for money, they are there for adventure and to defend the democratic and European Ukraine against the evil Russians, any money they get is just a bonus if they get any at all. He is getting paid though(well that is what they say), that is part of the paperwork, they are setting up a bank account for him. He has been to Bosnia during the Bosnia war but he never saw combat there, he wasn't paid much at all if anything, I don't think he expects much in Ukraine either.
It's the same reason people went to fight for the Kurds. It's something I would do as well if it was not so dangerous and I don't even care about Ukraine.

I think if somebody was only interested in the money then they would have a more realistic and objective view on it and probably decide that the risks where not worth whatever the pay was.