Bernd 08/10/2022 (Wed) 23:58 No.48470 del
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> don't see the point of them being humanlike. Anthropomorph. Stuff like the Catapult, Madcat, they make sense, but Atlas, Wolverine, etc. don't. Why making a proper head, and fingers? They don't really need arms.

Original authors of game just decided to make game about big walking robots.

Don't try to find any serious realism in BT universe. In tabletop rules, most of mech weapons have effective ranges less than 1km. Artillery and aviation is very underrepresented in combat and do almost nothing compared to real world (not even talking about future). There are no battles with million people involved, no tactical missiles that shoot for hundreds of kilometers etc.

But I don't think that authors had a choice - with realistic approach you can't make game centered around walking robots fighting each other.

I guess authors originally didn't make combat rules for specific universe, but made universe specifically around mech battles. It may be viewed as sci-fi with some fantasy-style heroic feel. BT world mostly has Western feudal structure with lords, barons and counts. Mechwarriors are basically knights. Technological part is pretty bleak, most of tech is something that we can easily understand right now (except hyperspace drives).