Bernd 09/23/2022 (Fri) 16:35 No.48783 del
So the first video is about the tanks on the Ukraine and the Ukrainian officers observations.
The second video concludes that sending Leopard 2-s onto the Ukraine might not be the best idea, they can be more bother than worth and even can turn out to be entirely useless (some commenters pointed out that they still could replace the T series tanks in places without fighting but need tank cover for whatever reason, so those can be moved to active duty; which might be a good idea but means the Leos won't see any combat). The opinion of the Ukro officers in the first vid confirms this one.
In the third the bloke goes through a Bundeswehr evaluation from the '90s which compares the the T-72 and the Leo 1. The report was made for politicians who had to decide what to do about the tanks they inherited from the DDR. Interesting insights in the very end of he video.
These three are cool, offers other considerations, many and all round considerations about the armour warfare related to current conflict.