Bernd 01/25/2023 (Wed) 18:22 No.49691 del
I post this article here, because it's about NATO, military issue.
As the link says, in the author's opinion Hungary's and Turkey's NATO membership should be suspended. I dunno what that would be mean in practice, but I really like this paragraph::
>Neither Orban nor Erdogan is "strengthening their free institutions." On the contrary, both leaders have expanded state media dominance at the expense of truly free discourse. Both have cracked down on dissenting minority voices, politicians and activists, and nongovernmental organizations. Erdogan has thrown hundreds of journalists in prison, some simply because he says they insulted him.
On the other hand Orbán threw 0 journalists into prison. While it's true his pals bought up all the newspapers of the countryside, but most of the major papers - which are actually read by anyone - are in opposition hands (and when the socialists and liberals were in power they were the "government media", along with all the smalltime press of the countryside, noone cared). And opposition politicians are useless drooling retards, but that's not Orbán's fault... and this is another topic anyway.
It's weird because the Washington Examiner is a conservative publication, close to the establishment, and from the similar Faux News, Tucker Carlson is best buddy with Orbán.

Meanwhile Turkish general election is coming in May. A leader (picrel) of a party there claims Turkey can leave NATO in months. Erdog's party say however this topic always comes up during elections, it has no importance.