Anonymous 02/14/2021 (Sun) 00:29:15 No.514 del
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While what you've written might not really be false I just want to point out you didn't really elaborate on one important nanon that had enormous influence on the site, nanon that changed lives of many for good, nanon that made nanonchan discussion high quality.
Yes yes, it's of course ANTIANIMEPORNFAG, as called by other users.
Person who spread antianime and antiporn message to free nanons from addiction, nanon that did his best to stop degeneracy on nanochan and encourage quality discussion rather than mindless spam. He was a controversial figure, not liked by some (including moderation) but objectively trying to make nanochan a better place for all of us. He who stood up against kikery.
It wasn't easy. Sometimes he would give up and leave nanochan only to return and spread his knowledge. Sometimes he himself would lose hope only to see other antianime and antiporn nanons trying their best to make world a better place. He planted a seed but it's other nanons that made it grow so they could make it a part of nanochan identity, not just yet another shill attempt.
I think it would be fair to include that in Nanochan History thread. No one knows how nanochan would look today, it might have becomen a failed imageboard like many on darknet. He made it grow.