Reader 11/17/2020 (Tue) 16:10:43 Id: 690cc7 No.16481 del
>hahahahahahahahahahahahaha what? I committed countless crimes through Tor without any repercussions
Ok so you admit to being the one who made all of those shitty threads and to spamming the entire site? And to being a criminal in general?

>now you're doing everything through clearnet using IP address linked to your identity with all your internet history visible to glowers
Thanks for letting us know

>you know CIAniggers use it too and consider it safe enough for military operations?
And you admit to being a FED agent yourself then? Figures they'd spend time and burn taxpayer money attacking anything that spreads the truth

Thanks for sharing all the info with us (((TOR nigger))), you retarded HIV+ monkey