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Arnold Schwarzenegger

One does not have to be a psychologist to see what is going on here: Arnold, knowing that he does not have the strength of character that his father displayed in real life, has tried to compensate by projecting a celluloid image of himself as a courageous man of action. To underscore Arnold’s lack of character, we note that he has admitted to using steroids during his career as a bodybuilder, and that he cheated on his wife with his Mexican maid, fathering an illegitimate Mestizo son. Recently, in an apparent attempt to stay relevant, Arnold described the occupation of the Capitol by militant Republicans as being equivalent to the so-called Crystal Night in Germany. Nothing in the two events matches up, except that in both cases windows were shattered, leaving broken glass on the ground. He also took the occasion to again defame his father — which was simply despicable. Perhaps he feels that by making “anti-Nazi” noises that he will please the Jewish overlords of Hollywood, and that they will reward him by helping to revive his flagging career as an actor. Gustav is long dead, so he does not have to witness the disgraceful spectacle of his son betraying his memory, and of cutting himself off from his folk-heritage to seek favor with his people’s enemy. Let us be thankful for such small mercies! But let us also honor the memory of Gustav Schwarzenegger, a real-life hero who deserved a better son! - Bradford Hanson of National Vanguard reports.