Screeching Cunts Explode Nuke War Addon Tardus 02/04/2021 (Thu) 06:15:30 Id: ae633d No.16932 del
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Fallout New Vegas: The Frontier, had a "furry" type dude on their mod team, and so naturally like the autistic fuckups they are, they exploded the mod team once they found out.
It's surely cunts and their Gamergate garbage all over again, or some soyboi faggots on their team.
Too bad because the team brought driveable cars to Bethesda's gimped up game world, proving modders to be superior to paid shitbirds at game companies. Can't team up without some screeching bitches blowing it up. BTW no niggers will be left in the Wasteland, you know that.