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CNN jewish lies, as expected. You really need to peruse at your leisure, friend. While I also have a board >>>/polfornormies/ where I moved all research I knew of in 2017 there because the original thread on /pol/ said "kike" and a brainwashed family member I tried to wake up freaked the fuck out; The site I just mentioned really covers a whole lot more information as to why the jewish holocaust and "genocidal Germans" stories are nothing short of Psychological Warfare lies. Yes, that actual department which first came up with the original deceits (jew skin soap and gloves, lampshades, shrunken heads, pelvis bone ashtrays and orthodox jew tattooed skin "collections" the consistency of construction paper) long before they arrived on "gassings". Which Zyklon B was for lice that carried Typhus, not kikes. It is and always has been an insecticide. Lice is why their heads were shaved and clothes where changed.

See Sachsenhausen explained.png) for the particular lie ITT. Truth be told, we should all be so lucky as jews in German Arbeit Macht Frei camps. That is before Allied shitheads, mostly England under psychotic Churchill, bombed supply lines and caused camp starvations. Then it was Eisenhower that rounded up Germans into desolate pits and intentionally starved them to death. Go to the board I mentioned and the site. It's all there. Before all that, the German camps were resorts. Kikes are the only race in the entire world that would complain about having a dentistry, hospital, kitchen and dining hall, brothel, theater, cinema, library, religious facilities, swimming pool, sports hall and soccer field, artist studio, complaints and post office and a maternity ward just because they had to work. When their lies eventually fade away and nobody believes them anymore, jews will go down as the laziest bastards in history. Imagine having all those amenities at your work place. That is what pisses me off above all else.
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