Tardus 02/12/2021 (Fri) 14:30:31 Id: c169e8 No.17011 del
Thanks once again. But, what makes you think I havent read it? Eisenhower was a kikeloving secretary, he was no Patton. But antiAmerica shit is a jike, as was explained in other threads, the kike is a tick. Well, maybe if we use news to be even better students of law, and I am no slouch on law as a weapon, I have a shit ton of law info and litigiative vex. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: If lawyers are the teeth of the kike, then only by meeting them at the flesh of the dog and their teeth, can we expose their cruelty and lies and that is the courtrooms of the world, where masoned and kiked spineless men, ply the jewish headlock. Thus, again I try to rally the crowd. The people, as such, are superior knowers of justice, and law. Again thanks for teaching and encouraging as you always do.