Claimant 02/12/2021 (Fri) 16:15:31 Id: df5067 No.17014 del
Two key points, one, the shit faceberg team has always participated in smearing Adolf and white nationalism. Two, now via virus and zoom, they can press that unholy demonic lie of prejudice, at will.
I always hated court, but realized if we didnt fight there, we would lose without a fight. During malheur refuge events, they went to the courthouse to face down nasty judge Grasty, a stinking mason who celebrates faggieness in a literal cave up there, check the facts, google oregon judge grasty and timeline of lavoy.
Road is court, when those bracelets go on, there's no running, dont get pulled over, never cooperate with zio state authorities.
Also good to mention the zoomjudge who yesterday slapped down the rittenhouse prosecutors, lawyerwar can be made hot, even hot enough to boil. The people control the law cult, if they wake up, they can make lawyers and judges display their spots, by force of etheric heat.