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Well, you did ask "can we get some info on this cc and the actual truth?". Fake holocaust promotion like CNN and hundreds of thousands of jews that survived through generations but they're ungrateful shits anyway is irritating.
>if we are going to be swamped by hundreds of courts and supreme courts and world courts, etc, all run by masons and kikes, well, we had best all become lawyers
This reminds me of people from University who told me they'd become bankers to try to "fight the system". They just become the system and don't manage to topple a damn thing. They're "planning" though. "One of these days". It's pure bullshit. 12 years have passed since Uni. Their lives are still pre-occupied with shekeleering. They'll die with their former ideals dying with them. You can't bring ZOG down from the inside without becoming just another drone. It absorbs like the Borg.