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Observe the hamhanded shit these thieves do, behind the scenes, as they further debase the concept of money, and our world.
Everyone involved in this fiasco with net worth more than 100k, should get concrete shoes. Kikes and horrible kike affiliated bootlickers. Money means nothing to good men like Adolf and Christ, and when misused, it is the entire nation who gets hurts. GRANT WAS RIGHT, EVICT ALL JEWS IN TWENTY FOUR HOURS FOR A BETTER NATION.


"In his testimony, Tenev described the morning of Jan. 28, when the brokerage halted purchases of GameStop and other “meme stocks.” At 5:11 a.m., the industry’s clearinghouse — a body that manages system-wide risk — demanded a deposit of more than $1 billion from Robinhood, he said. Because the sum demanded was even larger than the amount of net capital the online brokerage had on hand, an additional charge of $2.2 billion was slapped on top, bringing the total amount due to about $3 billion. Robinhood complied with its net capital requirements at all times during this period, the company says.
Around 7:30 a.m., in a scramble to meet the requirements, Robinhood decided to stop customers from buying GameStop and other volatile stocks. The clearinghouse then agreed to waive the entire $2.2 billion charge it had initially added, according to Tenev’s account. With an additional $737 million deposit that morning, combined with the amount Robinhood had already posted at the clearinghouse, the broker met its requirements for that day."