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Feb 22 whats that on Fallout calendar heh.

Even possessing an unloaded firearm can get you a Class “C” felony.
The bill redefines “public buildings” to include the private residence of any state official, and the grounds adjacent to each building. It also includes the passenger terminal, and grounds adjacent, of a commercial service airport.
Their definition of weapon is not just firearms, but any item used for self protection, including slingshots, baseball bats and pepper spray.
Oregon Firearms Federation has weighed in on this destruction of the Second Amendment:
"This bill will make you a felon if you travel near an airport and have a firearm, even if you are a concealed handgun license holder.
There are no exceptions and you do NOT have to enter the terminal or even leave your car.
If you pick up a friend or family member and just drive near the terminal or parking lots you can be sent to prison."