Tardus 03/05/2021 (Fri) 01:20:32 Id: 14c6a2 No.17227 del
>Musky coin shuffling
Yeah, that guy doesn't even exist for me, I haven't seen him say one thing that impresses me, he's just a front for a money fund, literally nothing. Also, everyone who uses twiter, imo, is dogshit.
Anyway, yes, thast idiot did pump and dump doge, yet again. But, what I wonder if you know is this: Doge coin is a complete joke shitcoin, from day one, as also, crypto itself, is a gigantic thieves river, literally it is a shunt in the neck of humanity now, and it will suck any Adolfian Notions of true money or currency, from this world.
Long story short as OP, I was robbed of btc at MTGOX by that fat fuckin kike mark karpeles pictured. He robbed us by leaving the deposit window open. Many people would like to see him dead, not news there. Then, after that the FBI shut down Cryptsy, where tons of shitcoins floated, but it was the best market of the time, and the FBI got jealous of big vern, the dude who ran it. I don't even discuss crypto these days except to explain to people it is a criminal's market and that's why banks are now getting in, they love laundering crime money. The political force of btc was utterly wasted and ruined by the fucking traitorous not Americans called the FBI, whom George Washington hates. Ask coin questions if you want to, I will answer.