Reader 04/13/2021 (Tue) 00:51:42 Id: 718f0f No.17509 del
I smell something
I believe everyone leave 8chan because of the ziondon thing, and the that thing about the US dept of defense IP showing up in some anon's image.
You won't catch me creating a website or a blockchain for the internet users to, as you put it, undermine their authority (you could have just said it was the jews you know), because I don't think the current state of the internet is good for my people, and I don't believe people need more technology to get them closer to their nation and their con-nationals.
>The fact that you're on here only proves your state of mediocrity. Enough said
You should see how many people browse tiktok and facebook in my nation, and don't get me started on those who spend their days watching tv and movies like it's a revelation. It's sad that you think this place is for mediocre people, maybe you can browse a new board that suits you, but I really like it here, even if I don't agree with everyone.