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>Doctor Strangelove... Why?
To be fair it's two hours that explains something very subtle, and that is this fact: All humans drop out of vaginas. And also, explains another fact, all normal males appreciate vaginas. So, if you don't like pussy then the movie probably doesn't connect with you.
I am being a shit, I know. Sorry. But this was all explained in that other thread about the Jan 6th protests, where I dropped the GURPS magazine article "Are Humans a Renewable Resource", wherein us deep thinkers were given the actual math equations, for bringing humans back, from the brink. The brink of whatever, really, any brink, it would be vagina, that brings us back from that brink.
So, what has happened since then, since the days of that film, is that women took their pussies, collectively, over the brink, and humanity faces the end, primarily because enough women, did not understand the national vale of pussy, but Adolf, did understand.
So, the film, describes the essential battle, not just in this life, but in the next, in all levels of gender based worlds, males and females will fight and also distance themselves, while calling it 'eternal love'. For example, the Jews give us "Genesis" in the bible, which really is a repackaged pelasgian/greek myth, greek stuff.
In both pelsgian myth and hebrew myth we see the female negotiating with a reptile and where is her companion? See, if you are in love, you cannot babysit your woman every second of every day.
THUS, the world itself, now then and in the future, will face a struggle to control pussy, on all levels.
Ask questions if you got em, I will try to find the post I refer to, and the graphic within that post/thread. I have dropped so much epic content into the endchan news glacier, it is sometimes hard to refer to it.
So, women are the essential battle stable, they are the core of all peoples, and thus, doctor strangelove explains how a bunch of men would begin the genesis of the eves.