Tardus 08/26/2021 (Thu) 14:04:14 Id: 32b3ee No.17762 del
>No kikes who are "for" Hitler.
I see your point but I do believe and feel and have had the spirit world cofirm that Bibi does have an Adolf shrine and collects Adolf merch and when one examines him psychologically it is easy to see why that is so. I expect this will come out eventually, but will it matter? Well, it would cause some Jews to also adore Adolf.

Let's admit he made outs for them, he gave them plenty of writing on the wall, to read. MENE MENE TEKEL PARSEM to use a biblical phrase, they had warnings that their debauchery of Germany would be stopped at least for a time.
Adolf was not a slaughterer of jews any more than any warlord has shed blood of any other people during wartime. Those that make him into some manifestation of universal evil, are lying about him. He thought about Jesus all the time and this is evidenced by his humble life, his lofty artistic aspirations and work, and also the manifestation of love for ones own tribe that you would defend it against the enemy tribe within. So, it is for me, easy to see why jews would rally to Adolf, for at least some guiding light, and he would not slaughter them, he would advise them to allow the light of Christ to flow into them, to alter their hearts. This would manifest, imo, by them becoming ascetics, penitents as such. I would try to make a place for them in life because it is a normal process for a soul on the wrong path, to, at some point, spark with life, and turn to face God. Like a vampire walking out into the sunlight with a smile and wide arms, nothing is lost. We don't know that the sun burns every vampire, perhaps some just turn back into humans, analgously speaking. Yes, I suggest here that a jew could, convert, repent, and serve the human race by administering to the poor, the weak, etc as we know Christ will judge the world based on that, at the judgement day.
Only fear prevents the vampire from facing the light, and keeps them imprisoned. God can with a whisper, remove the cloak from any heart, at any time, and they will see the truth of their own phos anthropos, the light inside all mankind, as is explained in John Chapter One.