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>Why should anyone care what they have to say?
Kikes are much more disgusting than just being inbred devil worshipers. I remember once showing disgust on /pol/ in 2017(2016?) when someone stated they studied the jewish Talmud. Ocelotte, the BO back then, made the most sense when he said he disagrees because you should study your enemy to know your enemy.

Those books are the long uncensored version of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Kikes not only introduce their plots of degenerate porn, interracial breeding, immigration, Critical Theory misleading teachings, homosexuality, furries, waifuism with body pillows and fleshlights, etc in modern times to bring down society. That is one primary goal of jews. The other is they hope if their Talmud is fully exposed that everyone will be accepting of how completely fucked up they are. People now accept jews out of ignorance, knowing little about their evils. Judaism supports slavery, pedophilia, the murder of everyone not them and literally considering God as a woman (the Shekinah) as their hip thrusts at the wailing wall are "spiritual copulation". Their ritual is pretending to fuck God.

Most people don't even know unless we're on a backwoods imageboard with low traffic that barely anyone sees because jews are banning such information off of popular social media that jews "own". They'll run to their ADL which will just parrot the same tired "It doesn't exist! That's just anti semitism!" bullshit. Should everyone know entirely about Judaism without society being as fucked up as that religion is, no one would accept jews.