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3. YouTube's censorship level is over 9000
Just like everything else for the last decade, Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine is being used to push the idea that censorship is OK sometimes, and that free speech is dangerous if the wrong people have it. Under the guise of “supporting Ukraine”, YouTube announced they have deleted over 9000 accounts and over 70,000 videos [] pertaining to the war in Ukraine. In a sign of just how far this debate has swung to the tyrannical side, The Guardian article doesn’t even mention the idea of “free speech”, or use the word “censorship”. No, it’s just a fact of life now apparently: People who say the wrong things should not be allowed to speak.

Bonus: Hypocrite of the week
Always a very competitive category, but this week it must go to Justin Trudeau for the simple beauty of this doublethink.