Obarry the Least and his Handler Val "Commutroll" Jarrett Tardus 06/23/2022 (Thu) 10:40:04 Id: 1fa28e No.18588 del
Thanks for mentioning the turd the Youngling generation floated onto the world.

Every Barry Sotero supporter deserves to see him end up like kaddafi. But there are actually white faggots who support him even now. Amazing.

For my part, me and my lady were in wedded bliss in 2008 and I was working full time in IT and so we both were able to completely ignore the Barry era entirely. I told all my dumbfuck co workers at CVS HQ in woonsocket RI, that Obama/Barry was a total piece of shit, but of course they all had the sheks in their eyes, and rent's not cheap on the east coast, so, their eyes glazed over. Then finally mercifully this fool left the funded and propped up stage they had him on, and now the world has a chance to wake up from what a total chain of assholes they elected. Obama and Bush neither of these represents a family, they are INTL dynasties, there is nothing nationalist about them. And frankly it's hilarious to me that the first black person they elect is a complete dead hot air balloon, not a brain in that man's head. Also, he is a crack smoking monkeypoxing fiend, and this is attested to by even the simplest check of larry sinclair and others who have spoken about him..