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Back in March, we pointed out that Western sanctions on Russia were likely to backfire against the West. Biden has, in effect, helped launch an economic World War III, imposing unprecedented sanctions on a large and economically important country. Russia isn't an Iran or Libya. It's a continent-spanning country with a population of 145 million, and it is (or was) one of the world's top five exporters of oil, natural gas, nickel, wheat, coal, and other commodities. Let's breakdown why these sanctions are dangerous for us, and close with our investment approach to them:
▲ MY COMMENT: You can bet your bottom dollar nearly all politicians, leaders and corporate/banking insiders bet AGAINST the US and the Western world and made enormous profits doing so!!! If you can't fathom corruption being that bad today you are brain dead naive!!!
SURPRISE! Monsanto And Blackrock Are Buying Up Ukraine:
Investigation exposes huge weapons black market in Ukraine. Around 30% of weapons sent by Western governments actually make it into the hands of Ukrainian troops:
▲ MY COMMENT: Perfect way for corrupted entities to covertly fund more staged false flag terror attacks in Western nations to scare they people into accepting less freedom.
Russian Defense Ministry Designates COVID-19 As A US-Govt Biological Weapon:
After firing unvaccinated workers, Hershey’s says it can’t make enough candy for Halloween and blames Putin: