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8/11/22 Part 2
RUMOR + MY COMMENT: There are ongoing rumors that Zelensky will be thrown under the bus by the US and Europe. I say it is a load of bullshit! One may ask why so? My response would be the $$$ MIC $$$ American/NATO war contractors are making way too much money keeping Zelensky in power in Ukraine, because without Zelensky Ukraine would likely cave, settle an agreement and negotiate a peace deal with Russia! That would NOT make profits for the $$$ MIC $$$ Sadly many Americans do not understand what "corruption" means today. It's as if the public school system completely erased that term, as well as every dictionary for the last 20+ years! Literally there are people so dumb today they do not know corruption exists, many do not even comprehend such possibility! BUT I DO. And I'm saying it right now: keeping Zelensky in power profits the $$$ MIC $$$ at any and at all cost to taxpayers and civilian life!!! And if raking in profits for this $$$ MIC $$$ meant risking nuclear war motherfucker they'd double down and risk it!! Being corrupt does not necessarily mean you have common sense to know when to quite while you're ahead because greed and control are fatally addictive like any other drug.
On August 11, TV Zvezda released footage documenting the destructive power of the Russian TOS-1A thermobaric rocket system. The footage shows a salvo of 15 TOS-1A rockets wiping out a number of residential buildings in the town of Pisky where Ukrainian service members have been taking shelter. The town, which is located right on the frontline with the city of Donetsk, was abandoned by its residents years ago. Kiev forces turned the town into a large fortress:
Speaking to The Washington Post on Wednesday, an anonymous Ukrainian government official said the explosions at the base were in fact caused by an operation carried out by Ukrainian special forces. Exactly how the attack was executed has not been divulged:
The losses of personnel of Russian troops on August 10 increased by 200 to 43,000 killed (total), and the Ukrainian military destroyed 14 tanks and 6 drones last day. Since the beginning of the war, [Russia] has also lost 232 aircraft, 193 helicopters, 261 units of MLRS, 185 cruise missiles and 15 ships/boats:
About 13,000 current and former military from Belarus agreed to participate in Russia's war against Ukraine:
Ukrainian officials framed the August 9 attack in Crimea as the start of Ukraine’s counteroffensive in the south, suggesting that the Ukrainian military expects intense fighting in August and September that could decide the outcome of the next phase of the war. A Ukrainian official told Politico on August 10 that “you can say this is it” when asked about the start of Ukraine’s planned counteroffensive. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky vaguely noted on August 10 that the war “began with Crimea and must end with Crimea - with its liberation.” Russian officials remain confused about the August 9 attack on the Saki Air Base in Russian-occupied Crimea, over 225km behind Russian lines, which destroyed at least eight Russian aircraft and multiple buildings. Satellite imagery confirmed reports from Ukraine’s air force that the attack destroyed at least eight Russian aircraft, contradicting Russian claims that the explosions did not damage any aircraft and were not the result of an attack. Russian outlets shared conflicting stories: