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9/9/22 Part 1
Scientists Start Scaling Back Global Warming Hyperbole, Admit Modern Civilization Still Needs Fossil Fuel:
Europe Wanted "Green" Energy And Less Fossil Fuel... Now They're Sacrificing Their Ancient Forests For Energy:
Without Copper, There Will Be No Energy Transition... a looming copper shortage threatens to completely derail the clean energy transition, and by extension, climate pledges across the world:
German Diplomat Who Mocked Trump At UN Suddenly Silent As Former President's "Russian Energy" Warning Comes True:
Wealthy EU politician who demands sacrifices from Europeans over Ukraine war renovated his luxury home with €327,000 of taxpayers’ money:
▲ MY COMMENT: All these "leaders" we have in the West know next to nothing about economics and they have made it perfectly clear! It seems to me they think they can create endless debts and threats but real economic production can be cast aside and ignored, as if mining, refining, processing, smelting, manufacturing, etc (all the physical labor that gets hands dirty) somehow took back seat to economic relevance. And guess what? That's dangerously delusional! They can create fiat debt carte-blanch and tax hard workers all they want, but in the end hard work is what makes the wheels of the system still turn! If something bad happens to the supply chain industry, then something bad happens to the nation as a whole! This is why Keynesian economic ideology has, and always will, fail!! John Maynard Keynes was not an economist, he was a life-long British government bureaucrat who wanted to increase government funding and power, before Keynes died he admitted his scheme was flawed, yet here we are today practicing his same failed ideology.
Florida is being slammed with chemtrails! What was once known as the Sunshine State has become a state that is continuously geo-terrorized via the nation’s most aggressive chemical geo-engineering program:
David Dubyne issues emergency alert over collapsing FOOD and ENERGY SUPPLIES across Europe & America: