AIDSkike Fanbase Growing Faster Than Odd Lumps and Clost on COVID Needlers! Tardus 09/19/2022 (Mon) 08:12 Id: d3a11c No.18998 del
"Americans blah blah blah house arrest"

I kinda want to do more 'chicom shitposter' cartoons like above,m that's some funny shit, but, the funniest thing so far about Jan 6th/COVID/JEWKREIG is that Bourla the kike headfaked his own people. I mean, you could not act more demonically than that bloatfrog at Prfizer. Kill more babies assholes! And btw fuck you man, your posts suck, and yet, like I say, it gives us something to do. In our gym, here we are. See who steps to our front door ...It's you. Our mascot in some ways. Keep bumping my epic works. Praise God at all times and in all things.