NEWS: Kikes Ripping the World Apart Using Muslim Foil/Bush; Obama's Mama Eternally a Whore! Tardus 09/19/2022 (Mon) 08:22 Id: d3a11c No.18999 del
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I am offended that niggers can fuck up young girls. That the chans eat it up, ruining our children. I am disgusted with the lack at EC and that my nigger terrorism thread sits uncommented. I have to be happy beating the living shit out of GLP these days. I have them so locked up tight due to truth they can't even appear normal anymore.

Otherwise, hmm as to current events, I am glad the hindus are finally rocking and bottling and publicly fucking up the English Raping Muslims now, because these cunts have been used by the kikes, to ruin Britain. Muslim rape and grooming and niggers in the USA are the same disgusting war against white skin, white culture. These remora need us the great white shark.

I say hindu and whites unite to free brits from both muslim and jew.