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Incredibly hubris and arrogant lack of critical thinking on their part if they believe that to be so. I'll tell you a few reasons why. Both machines and infrastructure need routine maintenance. Nature, time and weather patterns all have their own ways that render such civilization and progress ineffective and vulnerable to lots of wear and tear. You need skilled experienced humans to maintain both machines and infrastructure. Machines including robotics as well computer systems. All these systems mankind creates are susceptible to break down, glitches, unforeseeable accidents and natural disasters. Stagnation can cause dust to compromise electronics too, I've experienced this myself with old burnt up motherboards. Now let's get to the energy issue. Without human labor today, 99% of the energy around the globe would not even be produced, nor would solar panels because it takes energy and resources to produce and maintain those too. Do you know average solar panels break down within 10 years? I guess you were never told that but truth be told that is a fact for average mass manufactured panels. I know because I've invested in solar myself for heavily-rationed grid-down emergency purposes (and even the 12V 110Ah deep cycle batteries last an average 15 years max before needing to be replaced and they're expensive AF!). What is my point here? If these "elites" are up to some hard labor producing their own goods, building their own machines and maintaining them too, as well making sure the infrastructure is maintained, while they hunt and grow food for themselves, then maybe they'll survive with a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Otherwise they'll be taking down civilization only to take themselves down alongside us. They better have a lot more than just solar energy for those bunkers too, lol. Only so much you can utilize at one time with solar energy, most the inverters out on the market are meant for emergencies and heavy rationing, or intermittent use alongside the traditional power grid. ;)