Reader 11/08/2023 (Wed) 17:24 Id: d27b13 No.21705 del
>Do you have any idea how much jews infight?

I never knew how much so until recently this year. I found out before this whole false flag Hamas attack (which turns out may have been IDF all along?) there were mass protests in Israel, lots of internal infighting over politics. After the false flag against Israel, and I do believe it was, many Israelis started to become public about the genocide going on in Gaza and started protesting, while other hardcore Zionists were calling them pro-terrorists. Now we see organizations like Jews For Peace protesting and other Israelis counter protesting, and Nuttyahoo flying off to a mansion to hide in his bunker quickly after the Gaza war escalation. Israel is not stable at all, it's just as bitterly divided as the US is today. My gut feeling is the whole house of cards is coming down and that's good because it needs to. My gut feeling also has a negative worry and fear - the US government is going to get us into a major nuclear war over it, with Russia and China siding with Arab states. And then it's over for all of us, back to the stone age as illegals flood in and start randomly looting and killing off the Western world in bloody vengeance.